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Verdugo Mountains Hike

The Verdugo Mountains are an isolated mountain range that is located near Glendale, Burbank and La Canada near the 2 freeway. It is a little less than six miles to do the loop and is easily one of the best clear-day views that is inland from the coast. Even on an overcast day like this one, we had great views of downtown, Griffith Park and the Hollywood Mountains, the Valley and Pasadena.

Here is the Modern Hiker page, map and photos of this hike.

You get the trail head by taking the 2/Glendale Freeway north and get off at the Verdugo Blvd. exit. Go left on Verdugo Blvd. then left again on Verdugo Mountain Road. It will soon get to a fork and you want to bend right on Canada Blvd. Right after you fork right, make the first right onto Country Club Drive. Then go left on San Gabriel Ave and another left on Beaudry and you’ll clearly see the fence that marks the trail entrance to the Verdugo Mountain Road hike.

Better views are on the South Verdugo Mountain Road, which loops around to North Verdugo Mountain Road when you hit the peak.

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