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Six More Unreleased Marilyn Monroe Viral Videos

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Marilyn Monroe Keyboard Cats the Zapruger Film

marilyn monroe keyboard cat

In a horrific, yet hilariously curt retelling of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas, we watch in painful slow motion as the bullet rips through the president’s head and chaos descends. Just as his head snaps back forward and Jackie Onassis covers her husband’s body and the limousine speeds away, Marilyn Monroe cuts off the footage with a rude, but admittedly necessary, “keyboard cat” playing off of the footage.

Seven Year Itch Rick Roll Deleted Scene

To show how she could taunt all men and make them her slaves, Marilyn Monroe’s character in The Seven Year Itch not only wanted to use her physical prowess, but also express her emotional capabilities to potential suitors. That’s why, in an early version of the film, the beautiful woman not only stood over a subway grate as it passed by, but revealed on her underwear were the iconic words, “Never gonna give you up…”

Joe Dimaggio Pleads For You to Leave Marilyn Alone

leave marilyn monroe alone

A tragic video that was mocked for being pathetic, iconic Yankees outfielder Joe Dimaggio covered himself with a sheet in his bedroom and pleaded into the camera for everyone to “Leave Marilyn alone.” The message proved fatalistic as the attention lead to her eventual suicide and his wails blubbered out through tears were never followed.

Marilyn Monroe Videotapes Her Lightsaber Skills

In a video never meant to be released publicly, Marilyn Monroe filmed herself in her garage showing off the nifty light saber moves that she had worked so hard to perfect. Unfortunately, because these moves weren’t as sharp as they could be and the video was mocked and satirized, thus sabotaging her chance the role of Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

Marilyn Monroe Falls and Screams While Crushing Grapes

What was meant to be a cute local news story about a wine festival quickly turned awry. Marilyn was demonstrating the fun that could be had by stepping on grapes in a bucket on top of an elevated platform when she stomped too fast and lost her balance. The sexpot tumbled face-first onto the pavement and let out a shrill moan. However, this wasn’t from the pain of impact, but rather her recent heroin injection managed to kick in just in time.

Marilyn Monroe Leads a Philippines Prison in the Thriller Dance

marilyn monroe prison dance

On location in Manila for the perfect beach shoot during the filming of Some Like it Hot, Marilyn had the day free and toured the local minimum-security penitentiary. Realizing the power of good that her own dancing skills brought to the world, she proposed that the prisoners stop “cutting” each other and instead unite together with dance. Since everyone knew the moves to the Thriller dance in 1958, it was quickly organized and the rest is history.

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