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Second-Tier Disorders

The most women at a craps table in history

The most women at a craps table in history

I can’t understand why all diseases and addictions and vices are treated with the same level of severity. Can’t we tier these like we have classes for drugs and levels of burns?

For example, I’m all for admitting that alcoholism is a disease; people destroy their lives and the lives of those around them. They waste all their money, drive drunk, need to drink more and end up killing themselves. Fine. But overeaters anonymous? Come on. Fine, I’ll give you that maybe it’s a disease. We’re new-agey enough as a culture for that. But it should be a tier two disease. Or maybe three if we’re going to stay true to this theory.

It wouldn’t be that hard either. Easily you could separate the ones that you’ve always wanted to tell your overdramatic friend that it’s not that bad. Gambler’s anonymous. That’s a good one. Don’t go to a casino. And my favorite, Attention Deficit Disorder. We can leave it being called a disorder, but how about a sorta disorder. Or put ot all together: a dissorta.

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