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Redwood National Park and Oregon Coast Road Trip

Flew into Portland where my friend picked me up. Drove over to the coast, then took the 101 and the 1 back to L.A. It was cloudy.

Northern part of the coast was covered in fog, best parts are the rocky coasts, massive cliffs and lighthouses, if you’re into that kind of thing. Screw lighthouses if you’re not. Newport was a neat town with amazing fish and the Rogue Brewery. Then it started to clear up a little bit before Oregon Dunes National Rec Area, giant sand dunes where they filmed Star Wars (the, uh, sand dune parts). The southern part of the coast was clear and desolate. Giant rocks jutting out of the ocean, and then hippies at the California border. Redwood National Park had some nice trails and big trees. They’re like trees, but taller. This trip is good for you.

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