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How Could Dominos Rescind Jersey Shore Advertising When Dominos is the Jersey Shore of Pizza?

Can be ordered extra crispy

Can be ordered extra crispy

Jersey Shore had its season finale last week with the genuine bombshell leading to Sammi and Ronnie breaking up (I’m not sure which was the guy and the girl).

Italian-American defamation leagues did their usual protesting and boycotting of MTV, arguing that the show promotes negative stereotypes of Italian heritage. The protesters then threatened to send a guy to break the executives’ kneecaps if he didn’t comply. My favorite boycott though was Dominos pizza pulling their ads from the network.

My first question was if Dominos was trying to take pride as an Italian institution. Just because you make pizza doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to start rioting when Inter and A.C. Milan face-off. This seems like the equivalent of dressing like Mario and Luigi for Halloween and then getting offended that Jersey Shore is demeaning to Italians.

Has anyone responded to an offer of Dominos pizza by saying, “I’m not feeling Italian food right now?” That sort of seems like Starbucks getting offended at shows with negative Jewish stereotypes because they sell bagels.

The biggest irony in the whole thing, though, is that Dominos is the quintessential product to advertise on the show Jersey Shore. Dominos pizza is in many ways the Jersey Shore of pizza parlors. Let’s run through all the similarities.

For starters, you just feel dirty when you indulge in both. I feel the exact kind of waste-of-life self-hatred after downing a large Brooklyn-style pizza as when I catch a Jersey Shore marathon. Both are overcooked, both are greasy, both are easy and cheap, and look appealing at first glance, but could easily lead to disease.

Not to mention that both the cast of Jersey Shore and a Dominos pizza have this sense of desperation to be liked and a willingness to be used. They’ll throw in all these sweet offers, like you can go to the club, or you can get in the hot tub, or you can get a free two liter coke and cheesy bread, and you’re like, “Great, I’m going to have an awesome night.” Cut to three hours later when you feel sick and your face hurts. The girl and pizza are gone, selling the same “amazing deal” to the guy you thought was your friend.

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