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Going Rogue: Children’s Edition

Once upon a time there was a mayor in a very cold state.
She liked hockey and hunting and awaiting her God-given fate.

She rode off to work on her husky-driven sled.
And even kept her child that was born with a large head.

And then one day she got a very important call.
A Maverick said, “I want you to Veep, get to the Republican ball!”

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And off she went, an outsider for sure.
To fight for Joe Six Pack whose values are so pure.

But then things changed when deceit she could sense.
When she was tricked by Katie Couric and put on the defense.

sarah palin hockey
The Maverick pulled back, he didn’t want her to take part.
But those wishes proved to be as false as an evolutionary chart.

The Maverick lost his campaign all on his very own.
And from out of his shadow, the mayor was finally thrown.

“Save us,” “Help us,” she was told by average joes.
From science and Communists they said at book-signings at Lowes.

sarah palin god
And so the Mayor set off to save Real Americans from Barack.
Because the future of America is now on the clock.

So root for the Mayor as she makes America great.
Save the troops and unborn babies before it’s too late.

Reigning in big city bureaucrat spending isn’t only en vogue.
It can only be done by the Mayor going rogue.

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