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Bridge to Nowhere Hike

The Bridge to Nowhere is located in Azusa, California. In the 1930s, someone thought it would be a good idea to build a road in the middle of a mountain range that would forever be uninhabitable. This was before Sim City. When they hit a giant dip over a river, they built a beautiful arch suspension bridge despite the fact that they had not built the road on the other side yet. No blueprints, oversight nothing. When a flood washed out the road, they ran out of money to rebuild it, not that they should have put something in the middle of the San Gabriels in the first place.

What remains is a gorgeous arch bridge in the middle of the mountains. It is a seven-and-a-half mile hike in each direction and requires four river crossings plus a bunch of swimming holes. We saw mountain goats, snakes and bungee jumpers. It is the only place to bungee in Los Angeles county and is one of the best hikes in Southern California.

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