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7 Best 2010 World Cup Jerseys

We are almost one month away from the biggest global sporting event. More than a billion people worldwide will be glued to televisions despite all your soccer hating. Soccer jerseys (or footie kits) are as much of a business worldwide as your Kobe replica threads, so here’s my rundown on the best and worst of the bunch.

7 Best World Cup Jerseys

7. New Zealand

One of the best examples of keeping it sharp and simple. New Zealand follows the lead of their famous rugby compatriots with a solid all-black logo. Expect awesomeness if they bust out the haka before matches.

6. Ghana

One of the few teams with vertical stripes, Ghana has a nice look with their federation’s logo faded out over the shoulder. Michael Essian leads one of the favorites amongst the African teams.

5. Australia

Admittedly people are split over this one, with some saying it looks boxy, but I think it’s a good fit for the Socceroos. It is bold and strong and pays homage to rugby jerseys, still the country’s top sport by far, although it would have been cool to see something like their bicycle jersey.

4. Spain

A good example of not messing with a classic, but just doing some strong tweaks, Spain is one of the tournament’s favorites, with a good look on the pitch. The iconic red jerseys have cool blue and yellow outlines and piping.

3. Brazil

Despite Nike having a proven track record with the worst World Cup jerseys (including Brazil’s away kit), they were smart not to mess with the most iconic threads in the sport. Brazil‘s classic look is as sharp as ever.

2. Argentina

Argentina follows their main rival’s lead with its newest iteration of their classic light blue-striped jersey. Adidas was smart not to mess with this look and it continues to be one of the best sellers for a reason.

1. Ivory Coast

By far the most badass World Cup jersey. It follows the elbow design on other African Puma jerseys, but Ivory Coast‘s features an elephant wrapping its trunk around a soccer ball. Very cool and a good team in the hardest group.

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