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5 Best Bike Lanes in Los Angeles

5. Chandler Boulevard

One of the newest bicycle right-of-ways in the city, this stretches across nearly the entire valley floor from one side of boring, ghetto suburbia to the other. There’s not a lot of sun cover, which makes the Chandler path useless from May through October, and you have to stop frequently at intersections, but it’s usually empty, fast and well paved. Great way to get from the strip malls of Van Nuys to the shopping plazas of Burbank.

4. Venice Boulevard

One of the very few instances of Los Angeles painting a bike lane as a practical way to commute, nearly all of La Cienega is bike-friendly. Nice distance from parked cars opening doors and lets you pass the stop-and-stop-again traffic through Culver City. The Venice Beach bike path is one of the longest too, from the beach to Crenshaw Boulevard.

3. Los Angeles River

This bike lane seems to personify the problem with L.A. biking in that the city is just beginning to realize that it has amazing locations for great bike paths, which they are quickly squandering. No traffic and stretching from Lincoln Heights all the way to Burbank, it’s a shame that the L.A. River bike path isn’t as great as it could be. The path is starting to deteriorate and it doesn’t extend all the way to downtown, even though it looks like a decent cleanup crew could do the job. When there’s water flowing and you get nice grafiti along the riverbank (that makes sense here), it’s a great trip.

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2. Playa del Rey to Redondo Beach Coast

Biking the entire South Bay may be a little slower and take a good chunk of time thanks to the beach cruisers that jam up the lane, but the views are the best. With the ocean and one side and one unique mansion after another on your other side, there are fewer fun trips. Especially considering all the places to eat and drink along the way.

1. Ballona Creek

Seven miles from Marina del Rey to National and La Cienega without having to stop once. Zooming through the Ballona Creek aqueduct which is lightly populated with other cyclists is arguably faster than driving the same trip, the only downside being when it comes to an end. There have been reports of robberies around the part near the 405, but these are rare and just don’t be an idiot. Great payoff with the park on the north end and beach at the south.


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